Poochlight™ Light Up Flashing Dog Collar


If having a light up collar around your dogs neck wasn't attention grabbing enough this chameleon cycles through 128 colours so your dog looks FABULOUS all night while keeping them safe and in sight. No static mode on this puppy, It's a 24/7 Disco on your nightly walks tonight!. RGB cycle mode with Fast and slow flash mode in Mono White. 
Keep them safe, bright and in sight with the Poochlight™ Illuminating dog collar.
Our products are totally safe to use and do not harm your dog in any way. 


Extra Small (XS) Length
23 - 35cm
(9 - 13.7")
Width 2cm 
(Single Strip)
Small (S) Length
33 - 45cm
(13 - 17")
Width 2.5cm 
(Dual Strip)
Medium (M) Length
41 - 53cm
(16 - 20")
Width 2.5cm 
(Dual Strip)
Large (L) Length
49 - 61 cm
(19 - 24")
Width 2.5cm 
(Dual Strip)


Features Exclusive to Poochlight 

  • Water Resistant
  • Rechargeable Premium Lithium Ion Battery
  • USB Charging Point (Cable Included)
  • Ultra Bright Dual Pair LED
  • Twin light Up Optical Fibre Strips
  • On / Off + 2 Night Flashing Modes + 1 Static Mode
  • Consistent Continuous Illumination
  • Color Coded Snap Buckle
  • Up To 24 Hours Battery Life
  • 1 Hour Quick Charge With Charge Indicator Light
  • Length Adjustable
  • Insulated Wiring
  • CE Certified
  • Heavy Duty Metal D Ring & Swivel Clip (Leash Only)
  • Silicone Squeaker Dog tag
  • Heat welded With High Tensile Stitching

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